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 The rise of the Great Wall company is the collection hot melt adhesive factory and shoes machine trade as one of the industry and trade development company, headquartered in selected the Chinese brand of jinjiang cities. At present "the Great Wall rise brand" hot melt adhesive market share are already among the leading position, acting sales of "beauty plate" and so on the domestic famous sewing machine, shoes machine brand. After six years of development and perfection, has gradually formed its own company brand and core products and the enterprise culture.

No sewing, transfer machine, press button machine, marking machine, hammer flat machine, punching machine, glue machine, gluing machine auxiliary machinery. Hot melt adhesive block, hot melt adhesive shirting, TPU hot melt film and other products is "the Great Wall rise company" main production product. Has a complete and scientific quality management system. The Great Wall rise trade co., LTD. Of the good faith, the strength and the product quality in the industry get approval, set up the create the industry's leading brand, construction industry benchmarking company.


Enterprise vision: become a an acclaimed, customer satisfaction continued growth of one hundred industry &trade enterprise.

Enterprise mission: to build industry benchmarking, to become one of the world's most valuable industry leader brand.

Enterprise tenet: by quality to survive, and sustainable management.

Enterprise management mode: business is a brand, sales is service.

Team building mode: family + school + forces


The Great Wall rise hot melt adhesive block (reinforcement glue bag gelatin sponge, etc.), hot melt adhesive muslin (low temperature medium temperature high elastic ordinary, etc.), TPU hot melt adhesive film, etc.

The rise of the Great Wall card: gao tou2 car roller car without sewing 335 bales edge machine locked stitcher pull help machine flat-fell seam machine shaving machine glue machine gluing machine riveting edge machine press button machine marker hammer flat machine punching machine and so on shoes machine mechanical

Mechanical accessories (gao tou2 car vehicle parts, roller car vehicle parts, shaving machine parts, flat-fell seam car parts,) and other mechanical parts.


The rise of the Great Wall company partners are: horse g global noble bird still the dragon kingdom er kang hui meaning of YeLi including for many domestic famous brand companies.

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